Authentic Journalism

Ethical, meaningful communication has always been my focus.

Whether it was my first few jobs in newspapers; my community college/university teaching experiences; my time advising various media; my professional affiliations administrating websites and social media; or now as a journalism instructor at Eastern Illinois University, I aspire to immerse myself and others in the craft. My hope is that we can do the best possible journalism, so people can make the best possible decisions — to the benefit of all.

My endeavors have shown me two unwavering truths:

  1. Good journalism and communication are more necessary than ever before as some media have abdicated their fundamental responsibility of truth-telling for the greater good.
  2. Both adults and young people who are part of the process of ethical and meaningful journalism are changed, uplifted, and propelled to be better versions of themselves and to create a better version of our world.

This is the gospel of journalism, and this is the goal to which I strive.