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Although the newsroom and the classroom are my perpetual home, I have grown to appreciate the power of scholarship and its ability to progress the discussion of ideas vital to both journalism and education. Whether it’s new media, media ethics, reporting and writing, design and visualizations, or the process by which we educate our next generation of journalists, I have found research to be a natural outgrowth of my teaching and mentoring life.

Using the Beat System to Connect Students to Journalism
Published in Teaching Journalism & Mass Communication Vol. 7, no. 2 (2017), pp. 63-65

Keeping an Eye on It All: Using Hootsuite for Student Media
Published on JEA Digital Media (2017)

Fighting Fire with Convergence: J-School Curricula Must Address Both Anger and Distrust
Published on MediaShift/EdShift (2017)

Scholastic Media Law & Ethics in New Voices Illinois Curriculum
Published by the Illinois Journalism Education Association and the Illinois Press Foundation (2017)

Why Journalism, Education Could Benefit From a Mixed-Methods Approach
Published in MediaShift/EducationShift (2017)

Advisers: Staff should start digital portfolios NOW
Published on JEA Digital Media (2017)

Let Them See It Again! Curate, Invite Engagement with Previous Content
Published on JEA Digital Media (2017)

Using Typeform to Hear From Your Audience, Orient Your Media Staff
Published on JEA Digital Media (2017)

SNO Fresh PowderWhy Journalists and Educators Should Be Social Media Role Models
Published on MediaShift/EducationShift (2017)

Dabbling in Big (Or Not So Big) Data and Visualizations
Published on JEA Digital Media (2016)

Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality vs. Mixed Reality:
Invite Students to Explore Other Realities
Published on JEA Digital Media (2016)

Action Research with Mixed Methods Approach on Reluctant Learners
Published in The Journal of Teacher Action Research

Managing scholastic journalism organizations online:
Connectedness, encouragement ‘in the trenches’

Published on JEA Digital Media (2016)

BOOK REVIEW: Diversity & The Media by Monika Metykova (2016)
Published in Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
DOI: 10.1177/1077695817692453

Need an Organic GIF? Try Using Photoshop
Published on JEA Digital Media (2016)

Engaging Student Journalists: Power of Self-Led, Online

Published on MediaShift/EducationShift

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BOOK REVIEW: Social Media Strategy: Marketing and Advertising in the Consumer Revolution by Keith A. Quesenberry (2016)
Published in Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
DOI: 10.1177/1077695816685851

Let Ideas Come to You: Using RSS Feeds for Professional Development
Published on JEA Digital Media (2016)

Using Transmedia Journalism Techniques in Student Publications
Published on JEA Digital Media (2016)

ijea-vlog-imageVideo Blog: What is RIGHT in journalism? Actually, Quite a Lot.
Published on Illinois Journalism Education Association website (2016)

A Qualitative Proposal for Study of University Journalism Programs in Illinois: Survival in the New Age of Digital Media and Budget Constraints
Qualitative Proposal Presentation

Teaching My Journalism Students – Again: Reflecting on the Power and Purpose of Scholastic to Collegiate Journalism Programs
Forthcoming in C:JET (Communication: Journalism Education Today magazine)

Ethics Training for New Student Media Staff Members at Eastern Illinois University
Instructional Design Project for all student publications at EIU

Production of New Media Instructional Materials for Journalism Course Professors

Influencing Journalism Education: Striking the Balance Between Experience and Scholarship

Combining Philosophical Shift with Progressive Pedagogy: A Conceptual Research Framework for Education

Presentation on the Development of Instructional Materials through Syllabus Design

An Instructional Design Case Study Analysis on an First-Year College Experience Program

Journalism Course Full Curriculum Analysis

Effects of Online and Social Media on the Efficacy of Young Adults in the Political Process: A Comparative Analysis of Scholarly Research

Common Core in the Non-Core Classroom: Ideas to Support the ELA Standards in Elective Classes