Advising Experience

warbler_icon_400x400Advising publications has been the lifeblood of my career. I love practicing the craft of journalism myself, but coaching, encouraging and guiding others to hone their skills within a responsible and ethical framework is both rewarding and necessary in today’s culture and media landscape.

For 2017-2018, I will be advising the EIU Warbler yearbook.

As an early step toward advising, a colleague and I created a self-directed, online ethics training for student media staff members. We hope it creates a solid foundation for the strong journalists we need at the college level and beyond.

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For both the high school newspaper and yearbook I advised, I designed the full curriculum, including all pieces of the instructional design.

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Journalism Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Student Publications Staff Manual

Journalism I (An Introduction to Journalism) Syllabus

Journalism II (Media Production) Syllabus

Yearbook Program Syllabus