Master Journalism Educator

MJE Project (submitted in 2015)


The Journalism Education Association offers certification as a Master Journalism Educator to “designate as master teachers educators whose experience and expertise make them outstanding professionals.” In my quest to become an MJE, I submitted the infographics instructional design project below, which was a self-led, online course. I was named an MJE in late 2015 and was honored to be asked by the JEA Certification Committee to present my project at the Journalism Education Association Fall Conference in Indianapolis in the fall of 2016.

Welcome and Preface

I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think.

Thank you for interest in this journalism project – Self-Led Instruction for Infographics, which was part of my application for Master Journalism Educator certification. Through designing this unit, I have found it challenging to teach without “teaching”; I don’t think I realized until this self-led instruction concept how very much I rely on my rapport and personal interaction with students to convey the needed skills and information. However, distance and supplemental learning is part of our future, and my hope is to become a better designer of instruction to complement what I am already able to do in the classroom setting.

My Instructional Goal for this Project: Journalism students will create an effective infographic (with every category on rubric at least “meets” or above) with technology that uses sound data and design practices to creatively display newsworthy information for publication in either the newspaper or yearbook.


In order to move through the unit, please review the following lesson components IN ORDER:

  1. Infographics Entry Skills Assessment
  2. Infographics Pre-Test
    • Create an infographic with the data provided and a program of your choice (this can be quite basic)
  1. Infographics Anticipation Guide
    • Place check marks and use details/logic to support your ideas, when needed

4. Watch all FIVE module presentations and complete each module’s activities

NOTE: Students will provide their comments and responses to other students’ work through a web medium of choice. I did not set up one specifically for this context, but any blog or online discussion environment would suffice.

5. Info Graphics Post-Test

6.Infographics Questionnaire