Design and Multimedia

Even though I started as a reporter in my professional journalism life, I found out in my first two jobs on the copy desk that I loved design — the creativity but more important the ability to create meaningful hierarchy and tell stories more effectively through visual communication. It has been even more fun to create digital publications with embedded links and video, such as the lower examples, as well as infuse my courses and service work with multimedia.

Filming and editing videos has become much easier, which means they can be used for a variety of purposes in both journalism and journalism instruction — from teaching concepts to providing validity and credibility to reporting for an increasingly cynical audience. The video above is one I created that is meta-cognitive in delivering the basics of filming sequences, which we experiment with in news writing across platforms.

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 1.41.15 PM

Using emerging tech and tools, I’ve been able to experiment as media content coordinator for Indiana State Online, with this Timeline JS project (click image to access) or the Thinglink one just below it (click on screenshot and then blue/white circles) or crafting maps with Carto or designing interactive pieces with StoryMaps:

Indiana State Online StoryMap

Transforming the brand and image of the Indiana State Online media was top on my list when I started the position of Media Coordinator. Creating a consistency in message while combining both more personality and a more professional look (dependent on the platform), I created the template for the print media product, as well as a reimage of the social media brand.

Indiana State Online Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin

As the social media director and web co-administrator for the Illinois Journalism Education Association, I’ve had the chance to play with some graphic design elements for various events.

A pictorial through Facebook Live video, photo gallery, and Storify of the IHSA State Journalism Composition for 2017.

In my capacity as newspaper and yearbook adviser, I was most often coaching and encouraging my students in their design endeavors. However, there were times, for the publications or the district, where I got to create my own designs — for which I was grateful.

Coles County Clash page 2015

Mattoon High School plays its cross-county rival each year in football, resulting in the Coles County Clash. The Mattoon District asked me to create a program page that would represent Mattoon.

As a page one designer and then news editor for the Danville Commercial-News, I had the opportunity to churn out multiple designs each day: from Page One News to Design You cover, to the Farm Progress section.

As designer and editor for Innocent Words Magazine, I designed the entire 24-page tabloid (some of the covers are shown below).

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