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eastern_illinois_university_logoIn teaching Writing for News Media at Eastern Illinois University, I have been able to help students acquire the skills of news writing across platforms, while also injecting meaningful ethics discussions into class each day. From AP Style to current events to ledes and news structure, students gain an understanding of the tools of the journalistic trade in the context of covering a campus beat and publishing at least three times during the semester in one of EIU’s campus media outlets (newspaper, yearbook, television or radio). I will be teaching Publication Design in spring 2018 and will take students through not only traditional design elements but also infographics, data visualizations, and interactive designs that dominate digital media today.

JOU 2101: Writing for News Media Syllabus

Digital Media News Writing Assignment


JOU 4801, 4802 & 4803: Online Summer Graduate Courses for Journalism Advisers

Columbia Journalism Review article that featured EIU’s JOU 2101 students

JOU 2101 Student Evaluation Comments:

“Amanda Bright is an amazing teacher. She is always there to help and really cares about her students. She has pushed us to get our of our comfort zone, and it has been great.” (Fall 2016)

“She’s one of the best professors at EIU, makes the class very interesting, and she challenges the students in a good way. She makes sure we learn the material. She is a very kind professor and actually tries to make connections with the students.” (Fall 2016)

“This course was one of the most challenging courses I have taken at EIU, but in a good way. It pushed me to work hard outside of the classroom, but also to come to class and be ready to work in class. It made me a better writer, but also a better student overall.” (Spring 2017)

“Amanda Bright is one of the best professors I’ve had at EIU. Every single class she comes in ready to help each of her students. You can hear the excitement in her voice every morning. It really makes students want to pay attention to what she’s talking about. She also makes every student feel like they contribute to the class.” (Spring 2017)

EIU Graduate Faculty status letter

Online Learning and Digital Media/Analytics Certifications






My position as the Media Content Coordinator for Indiana State Online has allowed me to personally explore marketing and media strategies, branding, social media analytics, visualizations, and new media communication. By maintaining four social media platforms daily, creating two digital/print products, and consulting on the website, I have learned much about where media is heading in the future.

Spring 2017 Program Highlight Campaign

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Indiana State Online — A Media Strategic Plan

Indiana State Online — Analytics for May 2017

Indiana State Online Media Analytics Report for September 2016



Illinois Journalism Education Association, Co-Secretary, At-Large Board Member

Co-Administrator for IJEA website and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts



Annual Session Presenter at the IJEA Fall Conference
at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


Putting Your Publication Online:
From ISSUU to WordPress, How to Make the Transition (or Hybridization) to Web

Multimedia and Its Multitude of Possibilities:
Planning a Convergence Strategy That Fits Your Publication and Staff

You Got Them To Say THAT?!?! A Practical Guide to Interviewing

The Death of Copy Editing — Or Is It? A Treatise on the Importance of Good Editing


Assistant Director of the Illinois Press Foundation/
Eastern Illinois University Journalism Workshop




See what the students accomplish during the 11-day workshop through Illinois Reporter.



Jostens Summer Yearbook Workshop instructor at Webster University
Beginning Yearbook Writing — Capturing the Story, Now and Forever


IMG_3533Northwestern University Distinguished Secondary Educator of the Year 2012

“Amanda Bright teaches journalism and composition at Mattoon High School in Mattoon, Ill., where she developed the journalism curriculum. She is student advisor to the high school’s award-winning newspaper. Medill senior Sarah Eberspacher credits her former teacher with inspiring her to pursue journalism in college. In describing her teaching method, Bright notes: “The moment I become static and unresponsive to the changes in my students and our culture, I will lose all effectiveness.” Eberspacher says her former teacher has no cause to worry: “When I left Mattoon High School, the notion of studying journalism in college was relatively nonexistent. Just four years later, there are three or four students heading off each year with plans to become the next Al Neuharth, Bob Costas or Anna Quindlen. The woman behind that is Mrs. Bright.”



Taught courses in layout and graphic design and web development and design at DACC (BOFF 180)


screen568x568News Editor/Page One Editor of the Danville Commercial-News (2001-2005)
Led a redesign of the entire publication in 2005



Page Designer and Editor for Innocent Words Magazine (2003-2008)

Examples of the covers I designed are archived on the Innocent Words website